"One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

death - of a loved one, a relationship, marriage, friendship, a building, a star, a habit, everything - is but a mere dissemination and reconfiguration of atoms and energy. think about how fucking mind-blowing that is.

this life and everything that makes life LIFE, is ephemeral and transient. the sooner we accept that, the sooner we can love and accept everyone and everything unconditionally. we would find miracles in everything, the good AND the bad.

however good or bad our experiences may be, they were programmed in this life’s journey to teach us a lesson. not everyone will learn at the same pace. and if we perceive ourselves to be more ‘successful’, substantive and present than others, perhaps it’d be beneficial to stop judging others for not being where we are, in this life; because if they don’t learn the lesson we learn(ed) in this life, they will learn it in a later one. and that’s okay. this very life is just a small segment of our spiritual journey. what if treating the lost with love and compassion generated more positive energy and helped them heal? it also helps us heal.

the less we judge, the more we open ourselves up to life and all its possibilities. we would stress less, live life and just be. we would just be in THIS moment, THIS very second. not in the past. not the future. now.

everything IS as it should be.

"But if procrastination is so clearly a society-wide, public condition, why is it always framed as an individual, personal deficiency? Why do we assume our own temperaments and habits are at fault — and feel bad about them — rather than question our culture’s canonization of productivity?"
- Recommended Reading: Anna Della Subin on our views of procrastination. You could also read Avery Erwin on procrastination and American artists. (via millionsmillions)
heartwarming card from a summer intern. 

well, shucks…

heartwarming card from a summer intern.

well, shucks

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